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It seems to me that there is a National Awareness Day every day of the year now. 
What might seem pointless or just plain silly to some, might be interesting and informative to others, so who am I to judge the recent celebrations of National Daiquiri Day (19 July 2019); National Lollipop Day (20 July 2019) or National Milk Chocolate Day (29 July 2019) . . .  
Maybe its because I am a lawyer, but the National Road Victims month beginning on 1 August 2019 appears to be a much more worthy bookmark in the calendar. The awareness of this event has been inspired by RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims. 
RoadPeace works to reform and improve the justice system to make life better for road victims and to make roads safer. This website is a valuable point of reference for those victims who might benefit from some emotional support or for those people who are genuinely concerned with the general improvement to all legal aspects of the road system in the UK and the legal services which encompass it. 
Whilst we at Powell Eddison Solicitors may not have the capacity to contribute directly towards the attempts to reshape the judicial system which operates around road accidents, we most definitely do share the passion of RoadPeace when it comes to helping those victims of road accidents gain justice and monetary compensation for losses and injuries caused by their accidents. I am unable to turn back the clock to before the accident happened, but I can fight to obtain the appropriate compensation and financial support needed to pay for any rehabilitation or adaptions to make life as good as it was beforehand. 
I think I have acted on behalf of every conceivable road user. Many clients have come to me after being told by other solicitors that they didn’t have a case and ultimately these clients were successful. 
Just because you yourself might have contributed towards the accident through some carelessness should also not stop you from making a claim. 
All the cases that Powell Eddison Solicitors take on are funded by a ‘No Win no Fee Agreement’ so you are not at any financial risk in making a claim. 
David Cartwright 
Personal Injury Solicitor 
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