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Statutory Declarations 

If required, our solicitors can help you by signing statutory declarations. 
Statutory declarations are governed by the Statutory Declarations Act 1835. These statements do not need to be ‘sworn’ and no religious texts are required when signing. 
What is a statutory declaration? 
A statutory declaration is a written statement of fact signed in the presence of a solicitor or other qualified person. The statement is formal and confirms that the information is true to the best of the person making the declaration’s knowledge. 
When might you require a statutory declaration? 
You may be required to sign a statutory declaration in the following scenarios: - 
• To declare your intention to change your name. 
• To declare your identity when documentary evidence is unavailable. 
• To declare your nationality when documentary evidence is unavailable. 
• To declare your marital status e.g. if you plan on marrying abroad. 
• To declare your solvency. 
• To confirm a document is an exact copy of an original one. 
These are just examples. 
What do I need to do before my appointment? 
• Check that we can sign your documentation as some documentation requires a notary or other professional. We can provide details of a notary is this is required. We may ask you to send your paperwork to us to review. 
• Make an appointment with an available solicitor. 
What should I bring to my appointment? 
For your appointment with one of our solicitors you should bring the following:- 
• Your ID so we can check we are dealing with the correct person. 
• Cash to pay for the witnessing fee. 
• The documentation you wish to be witnessed. 
How much will it cost? 
To sign statutory declarations, we charge £5 per document and £2 for each exhibit referred to in the statutory declaration. 
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