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Verifying your identity: Form ID1 

If required, our solicitors can help you by completing an ID1 form to verify your identity. 
What is an ID1 Form? 
An ID1 form certifies your identity. These forms are usually required during conveyancing transactions to protect against identity fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing and white collar crime in general. 
If you are not using a conveyancer or other legal representative for the property process, an ID1 form is usually required by the Land Registry before the transaction can be finalised. 
When might an ID1 form be required? 
• Discharge of mortgage 
• Mortgage restriction 
• Compulsory first registration 
• Transfer, surrender or grant of a lease 
• Purchase or sale of property or land. 
What do I need to do before my appointment? 
You should obtain the form from the government website (gov.uk) and complete section A. 
Once this has been completed you will need to arrange an appointment to see one of our solicitors who will then open a file, send you a letter of engagement and complete the paperwork for you for a fixed fee. 
What should I bring to my appointment? 
For your appointment with one of our solicitors you should bring the following:-  
• Partially completed ID1 form; and 
• Recent colour passport sized photograph; and 
• Current valid passport; OR 
• Current valid photo driving licence; OR 
• Current Biometric Residence Permit. 
If you do not have a passport, driving licence or biometric residence permit please speak to us beforehand and we can advise what else is acceptable. 
What do I need to do after my appointment? 
Once our solicitor has completed section B of the paperwork you will need to send the completed form to the Land Registry. 
It is standard practice to keep a copy of all paperwork as the Land Registry may contact us to verify that we met with you and completed the paperwork on your behalf. 
Please note that the form is only valid for 3 months. 
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