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Some examples of how we have helped our clients. 
Mrs H – Medical Negligence 
Mrs H had attended a local hospital Trust for what should have been a routine appointment for removal of adhesions. In the course of the operation the surgeon nicked the bowel but, to compound the error, he either did not recognise the fact or simply failed to repair the bowel before closing Mrs H’s wound. The nicked bowel festered and went on to cause complications which lasted for years and which could never be properly overcome. A six figure damages settlement was achieved with an annual significant amount payable during Mrs H’s lifetime to cover all her future care and needs. 
Mrs B – Pedestrian Injured in Road Traffic Accident 
Mrs B was crossing a road when she was hit by a vehicle and knocked to the ground. She suffered injuries. Mrs B was blind in the eye to the side, from where the vehicle had travelled from. Mrs B had not noticed the vehicle until she was knocked down and whilst liability was initially in dispute the vehicle driver’s insurers eventually accepted responsibility, on the basis that their driver should have noticed her presence and should have avoided the collision. Mrs B was awarded compensation equivalent to the injuries that she had suffered. 
Mr R – Employee Injured by another Employee’s Negligence 
Mr R was stood on a walkway in the factory, where he worked, when a fellow employee, new to the company, drove his pallet truck into the walkway and hitting Mr R, on his hip. The company, itself, accepted that they were vicariously liable, on behalf of the new employee, who was negligent, and the company insurers settled Mr R’s claim to cover his injuries, his loss of earnings and all other expenses. 
Ms D – Stone Mason who suffered Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) 
Ms D was an apprentice stone mason working on carvings at a Minster. Due to the nature of her work she suffered RSI. Insurers, on behalf of the Minster, denied responsibility forcing Court proceedings to have to be issued. Approaching trial, the Insurers conceded liability, after it was alleged, that they failed to protect Ms D and make any adjustments to her normal work activities, after she had brought to light the symptoms that she was suffering with. An appropriate five figure settlement was agreed upon. 
Mrs C – Cleaner Injured at Work 
Mrs C was a cleaner at a sixth form college and was injured when she slipped on a spillage of coffee/hot chocolate. The issue was whether the college had an appropriate cleaning system to adequately deal with such matters and remove the risk of accidents happening. The College accepted a breach of duty and damages were paid to reflect the long term back injury suffered by Mrs C, as a result. 
Mrs M – Injury Caused by Lift Malfunction and Trapping 
Mrs M had been visiting her mother in a private care home, but upon making her way out of the care home, and using the lift to get back to the ground floor, the lift malfunctioned and jolted causing a whiplash type injury. The lift doors then failed to open, causing Mrs M a psychological injury after she panicked when she thought that she would be trapped inside. She was eventually able to escape but suffered shock. Court proceedings were required to be issued but before the case reached a final hearing an admission was belatedly received and compensation was paid. 
Mr H – Ammonia Leak at Work 
Mr H was a team leader, at a factory, where he worked when there was an ammonia gas leak. Mr H inhaled the ammonia gas and was needed to be treated following a throat injury. Significantly, he suffered psychological effects, from the incident, and was off work for a considerable period of time before his employment was terminated. Mr H was compensated by his employer’s insurers, to cover pain, suffering and loss of amenity together with loss of earnings and other expenses providing for a substantial lump sum. 
Mr D – Dog Bite Claim 
Mr D was out walking one night when a dog, which was off the lead, jumped up and bit him without any provocation. The bite to Mr D’s hand required surgery, after tendons had been damaged. The dog’s owner was traced and insurers were found which would cover a third party claim by Mr D. The insurers settled Mr D’s claim to cover all his injuries and losses. 
Mr K - Repetitive Strain Injury 
Mr K was a test engineer. He worked in a laboratory setting testing metal components to be used as prosthetics in the health industry. His job required him to repeatedly use a hammer to test the durability and fatigue of different components. Mr K was allowed to exceed the limits, that his employer had originally set, on repetitive hammering movements. He suffered an injury. The employer disputed the evidence and forced Mr K to have to take court proceedings. After the case ran close to a trial hearing, an admission of liability was received and the case settled with a significant lump sum payment appropriate to the level of injury that had been suffered. 
Mr G – Medical Negligence – Hospital Fall 
Mr G was admitted to a local hospital trust for treatment. At the time of his admission, it was acknowledged that he posed a falls risk. Despite this acknowledgement, on behalf of the trust, they failed to supervise his movements in the hospital. Mr G fell but with proper supervision this could have been avoided. Mr G was awarded a substantial lump sum to reflect the injury and distress that he suffered, as a result of the fall. 
Mr S – Injury caused by Takeaway Door 
Mr S had been out for a few drinks, with his friends, but before returning home, he called at a local Chinese takeaway for a meal. After collecting his takeaway he attempted to push open the door, to get out. In doing so, because the door was so heavy, and tightly sprung it swung back against him, causing an injury to his shoulder, which persisted and required treatment. The takeaway shop owner’s insurers were prepared to admit that the door posed a foreseeable risk of injury and, therefore, settled a damaged claim in favour of Mr S. 
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