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Have you faced disability discrimination at work? 
Disability discrimination laws protect you from physical or mental disability discrimination in the workplace during employment, seeking a new job or engaging in an interview process. This does not apply just to disability discrimination by employers but also by staff, clients, customers & suppliers. If you are treated less favourably because of your ability, you could be entitled to compensation. 
If you believe you are entitled to compensation, speak to one of our disability discrimination lawyers in Harrogate or Leeds today to discuss your situation. We are ready to provide advice on disability discrimination and how to proceed with a claim. 
Examples of disability discrimination at work 
Before contacting us please consider if you have experienced discrimination or less favourable treatment in one of the various forms. 
Direct disability discrimination 
Direct disability discrimination is a type of discrimination which occurs when disability biased acts are aimed directly towards a person. This includes failure to make reasonable adjustments to your workplace, being forced out of work because of your disability or the making of unpleasant comments. 
For harassment at work claims to be made you would have to prove unwanted disability biased behaviour that is offensive, menacing, or distressing. Common examples of harassment at work include belittling nicknames. 
Indirect disability discrimination 
For Indirect disability discrimination to occur at work, rules or company policies have to be made which apply to all employees, but disadvantage disabled employees. 
For victimisation at work claims an employee must prove they have been treated unfairly by the employer because they have previously complained about discrimination or harassment. 
Your rights under discrimination law 
Disability laws mean employers have a duty to prevent unfair behaviour & practices whilst ensuring parking areas, toilets, entrances and exits are accessible. 
Your rights mean that once your employer is aware of your disability they have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to the workplace premises or practices. 
Reasonable adjustments come in many forms and include allowing disabled employees to have accessible parking, required chairs, or be given extra support at work. 
Disability discrimination claims 
Workers are often unaware of their rights and therefore don’t know what to do or who to turn to if they are being discriminated against. 
If you feel you are being discriminated against due to your disability, it is important to take all the correct steps. This will strengthen your negotiating position when it comes to claiming compensation or a settlement. 
There are limiting factors when it comes to deciding if an employer has discriminated or not. These limiting factors involve: 
The size and resources of the employer are taken into account when considering an employers duties. 
Age discrimination claims must be brought within three months (less one day) from the date of the last unfair act. 
Our disability discrimination solicitors work in employment law cases with experience in disability discrimination claims. We help you with your disability discrimination claim from guidance on talking to your employer, to lodging official grievance letters through to lodging a claim at the employment tribunal. 
Contact Our Disability Discrimination Solicitors in Harrogate & Leeds 
Our employment law solicitors have considerable experience in advising employees on the law relating to disability discrimination. Speak to one of our experienced disability discrimination solicitors about challenging all disability biased behaviour as you may be able to get compensation from your employer. Our specialist team of disability discrimination lawyers represent clients who have suffered disability discrimination in all aspects of their lives. We have past experience in successfully securing compensation for clients who have suffered discrimination at the hands of many such organisations. We offer a NO-WIN-NO-FEE on ALL employment claims for Claimants. 
For specialist disability discrimination law advice, contact our disability discrimination solicitors in our Harrogate or Leeds offices today for specialist, no obligation FREE phone advice. 
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