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Our Will specialist's guide to writing or updating your Will 

Whether you wish to write your first Will or update an existing document prepared with us or somewhere else, Powell Eddison can assist. 
We provide a free initial no obligation consultation which will include a review of any existing Will you may have in place. 
If your existing Will meets your requirements and does not need changing, we will tell you. 
We offer most Wills at a fixed fee, so you know what it will cost in total at the outset of the matter. 
The law around Wills can be complicated, but we’ll make it as easy as possible without using jargon. 
Struggling to write your Will or need some guidance? That’s what we’re here for. Contact our Harrogate office for specialist advice. Our team provides confidential, pragmatic, and cost-effective advice. We can also provide advice about Lasting Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection applications, Probate, Trusts and more. 
Why make a will? 
Around 55% of the UK population pass away without leaving a valid Will. Dying intestate can make estate matters more complicated, expensive and could potentially take longer to deal with. This will no doubt cause stress for your family and loved ones. As well as obtaining peace of mind, putting in place a Will can help you achieve many other objectives: 
Make sure your money goes to the right people. 
Ringfence assets for beneficiaries to be managed on their behalf. 
Provide and protect your partner/cohabitee if you are unmarried. 
Avoid unnecessary stress for your family/loved ones. 
Appoint a guardian for your children and provide for their future. 
Choose the right executors. 
Inheritance tax mitigation 
Care home fee planning 

What will is right for you? 

There are different types of Will that you can put in place. What type of Will you require will depend on:- 
• Your aims and requirements. 
• The nature and value of your estate. 
• The makeup of your family tree and relationships. 
• Your budget 
There are the following types of Will which you could consider:- 
• A simple Will 
• Life interest trust Wills or Protective Property Trust Wills 
It is important to put in a place a Will that caters to your specific requirements so call us today to book your free initial consultation on 01423 564551. 

What happens if I pass away without leaving a Will? 

If you pass away without leaving a Will then you will have died ‘intestate’ and your estate will be distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules, a set of rules which apply dictating who can administer your estate and who benefits from your estate. This is set out in a hierarchy starting with spouses/civil partners down to those who are most closely related to you, through the bloodline. In some cases, the government may receive your estate. 
The rules also set out in what proportions your estate will be inherited. 
This may not accord with your wishes and may mean those who are closest to you i.e. step-children, partners or charities you care about, receive nothing. 
If you have a large extended family this can become extremely complex and longwinded, as who will deal with the matter will need to be determined as well as locating far-flung relatives, those who have moved abroad etc. In some cases, it is necessary to appoint a genealogist to build a family tree which adds time and expense to the matter. 

Contesting a Will 

Losing a loved one can be difficult enough without having to deal with a dispute over the Will. 
Where you wish to contest a Will or defend a challenge Powell Eddison can assist with some initial advice. 
You can speak to one of our colleagues in the litigation department who will be able to provide pragmatic advice in order to obtain closure quickly and cost effectively. 
Will Writing Made Easy. 
At Powell Eddison our team of specialists can provide advice about Will writing. 
Contact us on 01423 564551 or email us on info@powell-eddison.co.uk to arrange your free initial, no obligation consultation with a specialist. 
Find more information in our range of factsheets. 
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