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Drafting employment contracts for employees 

Whenever your business is joined by a new staff member or a current employee changes roles in your business, it's key that they receive a legally binding contract that sets out the job role, salary and benefits - as well as other key information. 
Powell Eddison Harrogate HR solicitors can draft and review Employment Contracts and associated policies and agreements to ensure that you and your staff and legally covered. 
Draft employment contracts correctly... 
If your business is planning to offer a job to a new member of staff, it’s always worth asking an employment lawyer to draft or review the contract before they sign on the dotted line. Over the years, our HR Employment Solicitors have come across many examples of contracts that needed updating. That’s why we believe it is key that you get a solicitors opinion before sending a contract to a potential new staff member. 
Solicitors checks will ensure that the employment contract: 
complies with all legal requirements 
offers a detailed analysis on specific terms relating to benefits packages 
covers confidentiality provisions 
includes any intellectual-property protection 
and any termination provisions
Our HR Employment Lawyers in Harrogate will also review any restrictive covenants, such as non-compete covenants, to make sure they’re likely to be enforceable by the courts and therefore protect your business. 
Our team of Harrogate HR Employment Solicitors can also advise on the content of other key business documents such as Staff Handbooks and workplace policies. These are important documents for staff to receive as they establish what the employee both knows and is deemed to know about how they must conduct themselves at work. 
What information must be included in any employment contract? 
Some Terms and Conditions need to be given to employees at the outset of their employment. These include information on: 
the full name of the employer and employee 
the date employment commenced (contract start) 
the scale, rate and method of calculating pay 
intervals at which remuneration is paid 
terms and conditions relating to hours of work 
holiday days, including public holidays and holiday pay entitlements 
the job title or a brief description of duties 
the expected place of work 
The law concerning who you need to provide this information to, the information to be supplied, and when it needs to be supplied was changed on 6 April 2020. Businesses are now required to provide employees with a written statement on (or before) their first official day of employment. If you have not yet reviewed your contracts following these changes you are legally obliged to. 
Next steps and how Powell Eddison HR Employment Lawyers can help 
The best time to ensure you are legally compliant is before any issues arise for your business. Failure to comply with the requirements can lead to employment tribunal applications and other potential legal proceedings. 
With this in mind, our specialist HR Employment Solicitors in Harrogate can advise on a full spectrum of contract generation and review matters and have significant experience in handling all types of contractual issues. 
For specialist employment law advice, contact our Harrogate HR Employment Solicitors for a specialist, no-obligation FREE phone consultation. Contact our Harrogate HR employment lawyers today on 01423 564551 or complete the form below. 
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