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The specialist team of Plot Sales Solicitors at Powell Eddison assist you from the very early stages of commercial property development, advising upon and negotiating for you the terms of plot sales for commercial and residential use. 
There are 3 main ways that a plot of land can be sold: selling it without any planning permission, selling it on a “subject to planning” basis, and selling it with planning permission. 
Selling a plot of land without planning permission – This is the simplest approach to take when looking to sell land. This is because you can simply list your land for sale and try to seek buyers without having to take additional steps. However, it will make the land less valuable because if a buyer is looking to develop properties on the land but has no planning permission in place, there is no guarantee they’ll be able to get it in the future when they make an application. 
Selling a plot of land “subject to planning” – Under this method of selling you would agree on a sale with a prospective buyer but the final sale would be on the condition that the buyer securing planning permission for the land. This is a safety net for the buyer as if they fail to get the necessary permission, then they can walk away from the purchase. 
Selling a plot of land with planning permission – This approach is the most attractive to buyers because it shows them that there’s permission to build properties on the land already in place. The simplest type of permission for a seller to secure is what’s known as ‘outline permission’. This says property can be constructed on the plot but further specifics will have to be resolved in the future when the new owner makes a submission. 
How can we help with plot sales? 
Our plot sales solicitors work closely with you to help realise the full potential of your development site. Our expertise in this area includes: 
Preparation of all legal documents for a development site in preparation of plot sales. We look to ensure that all legal documents are drawn up so that the sale can go through quickly and without a hitch 
Development planning in respect of road, utilities and s.106 agreements – We conduct a title check of the development site so that we can prepare all relevant legal documents required by a buyer of a plot of land 
Registering for Shared ownership, Help to Buy and other government schemes, affordable housing, Part Exchange, age-restricted properties- We can assist with your registration of government schemes and have experience with the drafting of documents for niche sales such as age-restricted properties 
The set up of a management company for the development, to deal with the management of common areas such as green areas - we can advise when common areas would be best held by a management company 
Drafting bespoke plot sale contracts, transfers or leases to suit developments of all sizes which are also purchaser friendly to ensure that any enquiries raised are minimal 
Offering expert legal advice on ensuring how each plot sale can be completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible 
Providing a detailed review of the proposed estate plans and draft lease (where relevant) and arranging for them to be pre-approved at the Land Registry 
Providing advice in line with the Consumer Code for Home Builders and how this affects your development and how to avoid complaints. 
How our plot sales solicitors can help 
If you are seeking legal advice in relation to plot sales conveyancing then we can help. With experts in selling and buying plots of land, our plot sales lawyers can help you complete your transaction. With our Harrogate plot sales solicitors offering expert legal advice, we are just a phone call away. 
Contact us on 01423 564551 or email us at info@powell-eddison.co.uk to arrange your free initial, no-obligation consultation with a specialist. 
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