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Funding Your Case 

Do I have to pay anything to fund my personal injury or medical negligence claim? 
It is well known that medical negligence claims in particular can be expensive to pursue and that is why we offer to fund your claim even if it is medical negligence with one of our No Win No Fee claim agreements. 
You do not have to pay us for any of the work that we carry out to investigate and or even litigate your claim to a final hearing in cases where liability is not admitted. 
Additionally, we will not ask you to pay an insurance premium to cover disbursements which most solicitors will, even though that premium is unrecoverable whether the claim is won or lost. 
It can be said that there are other funding alternatives such as with Trade Union membership, pre event - legal expense insurance, paying privately with your own money or for serious child birth claims through legal aid. 
However, funding your personal injury or medical negligence case through a No Win No Fee agreement allows you to get on with making a claim which is risk free. Even if the claim is unsuccessful, you will have no obligation to pay our legal costs or the other sides legal costs. 
Call us on 01423 564551 and ask to speak to Personal Injury and Medical Negligence specialist David Cartwright who will answer any questions you have. Your initial consultation is also free. 
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