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What is Dental Negligence? 
When you visit your dentist you expect to receive a level of treatment that is appropriate from a professional in that field. Whether that be in the form of repair or maintenance work to your teeth, for say, fillings, extractions, gum disease, root canal treatment or cosmetic work, you literally put your trust in the hands of your dentist. 
What Can Dental Negligence Include? 
Dental negligence can be any type of injury caused, exacerbated or not identified by a dental health care provider and can include: 
• Delay, missed or incorrect diagnosis 
• Dental nerve damage 
• Tooth extraction gone wrong 
• Mistakes in treatment leading to loss or damage of teeth 
• Cosmetic dentistry problems 
• Inadequate bridge work 
• Failure to diagnose serious tooth decay 
• Not identifying a need for root canal treatment 
• Nerve injury 
• Inadequate dental implants 
• Poor root canal work 
• Teeth whitening issues 
• Periodontal disease 
• Not getting consent before proceeding 
Can I Make a Claim Against My Dentist? 
Unfortunately, not all dentistry work is carried out well and occasionally it will fall below an acceptable clinical standard. When that happens, you may have a claim for dental negligence and be entitled to compensation to cover, for example, such as pain and suffering and future treatment costs. Claims can be made against both NHS and private dentists. 
Why Choose Powell Eddison's? 
Dental negligence claims are different to normal medical negligence claims or personal injury claims and that is why you need to contact a specialist dental solicitor. 
David Cartwright has been handling dental negligence cases for decades and will be able to assess your case from the outset and advise you accordingly. 
You might have questions such as: 
• Was my treatment negligent? 
• How much might my claim be worth? 
• Is there a time limit for making a claim? 
• How are claims resolved? 
• How long might it take to resolve a claim? 
No Win No Fee 
Remember, all the cases we choose to take on will be funded through a No Win No Fee Agreement meaning that you will have no financial risk, with your claim. 
Call us on 01423 564551 and ask to speak to dental negligence specialist David Cartwright who will answer any questions you have. Your initial consultation is also free. 
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