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Consumer Law and Your Rights 

If you are concerned about your treatment and feel that you have a consumer law issue, Powell Eddison can help. Our Civil Litigation team are committed to providing a high-quality, responsive and cost-effective service in all consumer law issues. 
Consumer Law in England, Scotland & Wales encapsulates your legal rights when buying goods in a shop or online, eating in a restaurant, contracting with a builder or going on holiday, for example. 
Examples of consumer law might include a shop or restaurant failing to provide adequate service or a builder not fulfilling their obligations and leaving you with unfinished or defective work. Each consumer law situation is unique, so careful guidance from experienced Consumer Law Solicitors is crucial. 
There is a considerable lack of awareness about consumer rights and a lot of confusion about consumer protection laws. The sad reality is that many consumers are not exercising their legal rights when it comes to consumer legal issues. We do understand that it can be very distressing to find yourself with a consumer law problem and not know what to do about it. 
The Consumer Rights Act came into force on 1 October 2015. The law is now clear and easier to understand meaning that consumers can buy and businesses can sell to them with confidence. When problems arise, disputes can now be sorted out more quickly and cheaply. 
Changes in consumer law commenced last year with the implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive into English law by the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. The 2013 Regs brought into law further rules relating to distance and online selling, including: 
extending the "cooling-off period" for consumers to change their mind from 7 to 14 days 
cutting the period for refunding customers from 30 to 14 days 
making it a requirement that "pay" buttons on traders’ websites must clearly signpost the customer’s obligation to pay rather than simply ‘order’ 
a prohibition on pre-ticked boxes on traders’ websites meaning further up-sells must be actively agreed to 
a maximum 30-day window for the delivery of goods and services, unless the customer agrees otherwise and 
a ban on premium rate helplines: all must charge the basic rate 
We can offer advice if you feel you have been mistreated as a consumer. Contact us on 01423564551 or by email on info@powell-eddison.co.uk to arrange your free initial, no obligation consultation with a specialist. 
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