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E – Scooter Accidents and Making a Personal Injury Claim 

Electric or e-scooters are becoming a much more common sight on our streets. But what happens if you are involved in an accident with one or are in an accident whilst riding one? You could be left with serious injuries and you could be able to make a claim if it was not your fault. 
How can we help? 
At Powell Eddison we have solicitors who specialise in all types of Personal Injury claims. Accidents involving e-scooters can be very serious but at Powell Eddison we have years of experience in successfully securing compensation for victims of accidents. Assistance we can provide may include rehabilitation and other medical assistance and we will do all that can be done to get you the compensation you deserve. 
What is the law about riding an e-scooter? 
E-scooters are sometimes seen as a green alternative to car or motorbike usage and also a relatively cheap means of transport. E-scooters are also seen as ‘powered transporters’ and are subject to the same laws as motor vehicles. Any driving offence that can be committed in a car can be committed on an e-scooter. They cannot be used legally on the roads as they lack signalling ability, rear red lights and number plates. However, E-scooters that are a part of government trials can be used on roads. There are trials at 31 regions in England though you would need to abide by certain terms and conditions, for example, relating to insurance and the type of road the scooter can be used on. Privately owned e-scooters are only for use solely on private land with the permission of the landowner. 
E-scooter Accidents 
An e-scooter will afford little protection in the event of an accident and therefore injuries can be very serious. We will help you get the maximum compensation whether the accident was due to a pedestrian, another driver, a pothole or the road surface being slick or contaminated. 
What if I was hit by an E-Scooter? 
You can also claim if you are a pedestrian hit by an e-scooter. If the accident was the result of the negligence of the rider, then you may be able to make a claim for injuries and financial loss. 
If I am involved in an accident involving an e-scooter what should I do? 
• Report the incident to the police 
• Gain any medical attention you may need 
• Get the names, addresses and ‘phone numbers of any witnesses or people involved 
• If possible take photographs of the scene, the damage to any vehicles involved and what caused the accident. 
No Win No Fee 
Can I make a claim under a No Win No Fee agreement? In most cases yes if it is felt that you have a strong case. This would mean that even if your case were to be unsuccessful then you would pay nothing. 
Who would the claim be brought against? 
This would depend on the particular accident. This could be the e-scooter rider themselves, a pedestrian, another driver or even the council if it was thought that the state of the road was dangerous. 
How do I make a claim? 
Contact us now for a free initial consultation where we will be able to advise on how to proceed with your claim and the level of compensation you may be able to receive. 
Call us on 01423 564551. Alternatively complete our online form and we will call you back. 
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