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It is the case that more lenders are now offering what are sometimes called Green Mortgages. These are where homeowners are rewarded with reduced interest rates or cashback for owning or buying energy-efficient properties. 
As a result of having a Green Mortgage a borrower may receive preferential terms via increased loan amounts, lower interest rates or cash incentives, if the property they wish to buy meets certain environmental standards. This can apply to a new build or an existing property. In general you may need a be buying a property with a rating of A or B Energy Performance Certificate. Between January and March 2022, more than 434,000 new Energy Performance Certificates were lodged in England, of which 82% had an energy-efficiency rating A or B. Older properties typically have worse EPC ratings. 
Benefits to the lender may include if the lender has a more energy efficient property then they may spend less of their income on bills and therefore be more likely to meet their mortgage payments. In addition, the property may hold its value better if it is more energy efficient. A benefit to the buyer would be, of course, access to additional mortgage products. 
A report by the Intermediary Mortgage lenders Association (IMLA) shows that 74% of lenders expect to see demand grow for these products in the next few years https://tinyurl.com/3tnkcuhd 
What ever mortgage product you use Avery Walters specialist team can help with all your conveyancing needs. 
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