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The Association of Consumer Support Organisations (ACSO) calls for legalising of e-scooters – ‘The future of e-scooters in the UK’. 
The report says that 82% of accidents with e-scooters involved privately owned machines which should only be used on private land. However, road use should be legalised but to include third party insurance and the wearing of a helmet. 
Even if an e-scooter is being used illegally a claim can still be made by riders injured if another road user does not take reasonable care. Of course, those hit by an e-scooter may also be able to make a claim. Click here to read about ‘E-scooter Accidents and Making a Personal Injury claim’. 🛴 
If you believe you have been a victim of an e-scooter personal injury, as either the rider or otherwise, then speak with one of our Personal Injury experts on 0113 200 7480 or email info@averywalters.com. 
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