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The IDR Claim Checker 
Disputes Are Rising 
1 in 3 people now rely on receiving an inheritance to fund their retirement, move home or 
clear debts. 
But what happens if you don’t receive what you expected or relied upon? Can you claim for greater provision? When somebody close to us dies, dividing an estate can be emotionally challenging. People can feel unfairly treated making everything foggy, and difficult to navigate. Throwing up lots of tricky decisions. 
If you are experiencing a Will and Probate dispute, then you are aware of its profoundly personal nature; your thoughts may be consumed with questions and concerns, and you may even be losing sleep. Fortunately, IDR Law was founded with the sole purpose of helping people like yourself to resolve such disputes. 
IDR primarily operates on referrals by Will and Probate solicitors and companies such as ourselves, and we are pleased to recommend them to our clients. Their services include a substantial support network with a dedicated phone line where you can have any questions and concerns addressed promptly and professionally. Furthermore, they pledge to provide each client with a clear and supportive experience where the process is broken down into manageable phases that are explained clearly, so all stakeholders can easily understand what is going on at each stage in the process. 
Avery Walters has partnered with Inheritance Dispute Resolution, and with the help of their highly trained solicitors, you can get the answers and support you need. 
To start all you need to do is click the button below and fill out the form provided by IDR. 

Can I claim a greater share of an estate if it is simply not enough? 

The simple answer is - yes, if you are a qualifying person, then you can ask the court to make reasonable financial provision for you. 
The IDR Claim Checker is here to give you confirmation as to whether you qualify to bring such a claim and seek a greater share! 
Developed by inheritance dispute specialists, IDR Law, the Claim Checker produces a report in just five minutes with a yes, no or maybe answer to whether your claim has 

Is the Claim Checker free to use? 

Yes, it's entirely free. One of IDR's experts will reach out to you to offer guidance based on the results of your report, but you are under no obligation. 

The Claim Checker removing the barrier 

- Free flexible online tool 
- No need to see a lawyer 
- Yes, no or maybe answer within minutes 
- Completely confidential 
- 24-hour access 
- Created by inheritance dispute specialists 
If you receive a ‘yes’ or a ‘maybe’ answer IDR Law, inheritance dispute specialists will contact you to discuss your claim. 
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