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Industrial Disease 

We offer the services of expert industrial disease claims solicitors with a wealth of experience in being able to successfully fight claims for compensation for Industrial Disease. Such claims might include, for example, asbestos related diseases such as pleural thickening, asbestosis or mesothelioma. Our team have also won claims for those who have suffered illnesses including cancers caused by exposure to certain toxic chemicals. If you feel like you fit these criteria then contact one of our leading industrial disease claims solicitors today. 
All of our industrial disease claims solicitors operate on a : No Win No Fee Scheme. 
As with all our Industrial Disease Claims cases we will offer to pursue the Industrial Disease claim under a NO WIN NO FEE scheme giving you the peace of mind that you will not be a penny out of pocket even if for some reason your Industrial Disease claim is unsuccessful. 
Industrial Disease Claims Lawyers in Harrogate 
Our professional team of industrial injury solicitors / lawyers in Harrogate will fully handle all your claims. We are considered the specialists among industrial disease law firms. Our Industrial Disease Claims Lawyers make sure you get all your rights. 
If you feel you are entitled to an Industrial disease claim and as a result entitled to compensation then look no further then Powell Eddison. With expert industrial disease solicitors, as well as industrial disease lawyers, we provide the best legal advice in Harrogate related to any industrial disease claims. If you are struggling with a disease claim of any kind give us a call today. 
Call one of our expert industrial disease solicitors and industrial disease lawyers now on 01423 564551 or complete our online form to see if you are entitled to a industrial disease claim. 
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