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Posts from July 2019

It seems to me that there is a National Awareness Day every day of the year now. 
What might seem pointless or just plain silly to some, might be interesting and informative to others, so who am I to judge the recent celebrations of National Daiquiri Day (19 July 2019); National Lollipop Day (20 July 2019) or National Milk Chocolate Day (29 July 2019) . . .  
The Dangerous Dogs Act was introduced in 1991, 28 years ago, with the aim of reducing the number of dog attacks. It banned four breeds of dogs from the UK, namely; 
• Pit Bull Terrier 
• Japanese Tosa 
• Dogo Argentino 
• Fila Brasilerio 
Statistics have shown however that dog attacks continue to rise . . . 
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