Will Preparation and Powers of Attorney

Providing for your family

Few people are aware that if you do not make a will, then the general law will determine who shares in your estate – and this may not be what you yourself would have chosen.

We can discuss with you the best way to dispose of your property and arrange your affairs by will to maximise the benefit to be gained for your family and friends. In particular we can advise you how best to arrange your affairs so as to minimise the impact of tax upon your death, especially Inheritance Tax.

Periodically you will need to review your will as, for example, your circumstances change. We can deal with small amendments to your Will by preparing a codicil for you or redrafting your will afresh as appropriate.

Protecting your interests

People nowadays are living longer but unfortunately not always in the best of health. It may therefore be prudent to consider a time when, because of faltering mental faculties, you need somebody to help you to look after your affairs. This eventuality can be easily and cheaply tackled by resorting to a device known as a Lasting Power of Attorney which enables you to appoint, say, a close relative or a professional adviser to manage your affairs for you.

Giving the Power of Attorney is also a prudent step for people of all ages who are not married but could be incapacitated, temporarily or permanently, by illness or injury.

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