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Pre-Nuptial Agreements 

Whilst Pre–Nuptial Agreements (also known as Pre-Marital Agreements or Pre-Nups) are not technically legally binding they are now given significant weight by the courts in England and Wales when they have been prepared properly and entered into in the appropriate way. 
Whilst it may be considered unromantic by some they are of benefit to people in the following circumstances:- 
01. You have business or commercial assets that you wish to protect in the event of a future divorce; 
02. You are marrying and you want to keep any assets you own prior to the marriage separate; 
03. You wish to avoid delay, complications and legal expense in the event that your marriage breaks down irretrievably; 
04. You want to preserve assets for your children, particularly in cases where your children are from a previous relationship; 
05. Whilst you may have already married you may still be able to enter into a Post- Marital Agreement setting out the arrangements in the event your marriage breaks down for the same reasons as you may before your marriage. 
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