Support and help at a difficult time

Marriage breakdown often results in severe stress upon the parties involved. If there are children within the marriage they too will be affected to a greater or lesser extent.

Our aim is to seek to minimise the stress and where possible to take the heat out of the situation.

Should the marriage be irretrievably broken down and reconciliation be out of the question it is often best to seek to put an end to the marriage by a decree of divorce.

In such a situation we would seek to do this as quickly and as economically as is possible. We will be in a position to give advice as to the prospects of successfully bringing or defending a petition for divorce.

It is possible for a variety of reasons that a client may not wish to take that final step of divorce. If that is the case then a judicial separation may be an option. However the court has limited powers to deal with the full raft of financial orders in cases of judicial separation.

During and following a marriage breakdown children’s emotions can be on a roller-coaster. We will seek to advise you on matters such as residence and contact orders. In the majority of cases such matters can be resolved without the intervention of the court. However, in those cases where agreement is not possible we will ensure that your best case is put before the court.

Financial settlements are often the most difficult aspect of marriage breakdown and usually take a little time to conclude. There are matters of periodical payments, lump sum, property adjustment, division of contents and pensions to consider. These matters can be complex and procedurally difficult to follow. We would seek to take you through the process and advise you on appropriate terms of settlement. For this to be possible there needs to be cooperation from the client and full disclosure of assets made.

Please note that we act for either wives or husbands.

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